ByDesign Biology (2020)

Publisher: Kendall Hunt

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student: 978-1-7924-5863-7
  • Teacher: 978-1-5249-8639-1

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  • Customized Christian approach that examines a variety of understandings of nature , including a biblical perspective
  • Aligns with the SDA high school curriculum standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Grounded in the foundations of the faith-based beliefs of the SDA church and presents two contrasting worldviews of Darwinism and biblical creationism
  • 27 Uniquely written biology chapters covering a wide range of essential biology topics
  • Inquiry based central to science learning
  • Scripture connections to the Bible when appropriate
  • Clear diagrams, beautiful images, and various extension and numerous activities
  • Additional resources to assist with program implementation
  • In-depth Teacher Edition features reduced Student Edition pages, answer keys, and connections to other subjects