The Scientific Study of Life

Life is recognized based on its characteristics, which include cellular structure, metabolism, reproduction, development, homeostasis, genetic material, and adaptability. Our worldview strongly influences how we see life, the questions we ask about it, and the theories we will consider to explain it.

The ByDesign Biology program considers two popular contrasting worldviews—materialistic Darwinism, which claims that life originated without divine intervention, and biblical theism, which is the belief in the existence of God. Like all worldviews, the Darwinian and biblical worldviews provide a framework for understanding reality—and particularly biology. This new program explores both worldviews while adhering to the principles, beliefs, and standards of the Seventh-day Adventist educational system.

See more details in the program overview brochure, or for additional information call 1-800-542-6657 or visit the KendallHunt ByDesign Biology website.

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Program Components

Student Edition

  • Available as a hybrid Student Edition (print and eBook with 6-year license)
  • Case bound (4-color cover and 4 color interior) with an estimated 744 pages.

Teacher Edition

Teacher Edition eBook and Digital Resource Package

  • Digital eBook with as estimated 900 pages
  • Digital Student Lab Resources with an estimated 322 pages
  • Digital Teacher Lab Resources with an estimated 416 pages
  • Power Points
  • Assessment Test

*Printed Teacher Edition desk copy can be ordered separately


The eBooks offer teachers and students access to high-quality content that can be viewed in either single- or double-page mode and can be enlarged for easier viewing. eBook functionality allows students to take notes and highlight key concepts. Links from the table of contents provide quick access to chapters, lessons, glossary definitions, and supporting labs developed to enhance the inquiry experience.

Everything is available all day, every day through online access so that you can plan at school or at home and your students can learn wherever they are. The student textbook, your teacher edition, and all lab resources needed to complete a lesson are readily accessible at the point of use.

Lab Resources

Student Lab Resources are provided for each student. Teachers select labs based on the chapter and lesson they are using with their instruction. Labs are organized by chapter and lesson.

The Teacher Lab Resource contains instructions for conducting the inquiry labs as well as additional instruction and answers to the questions that appear in the labs.

*Printed Teacher and Student Lab Manuals can be ordered separately

Printed Student Lab Manual and Teacher Lab Resources are available by request.

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The Scientific Study of Life